a woman shopping


Did you know that you can shop yourself to addiction? The same way that an alcoholic enjoys the high that comes from taking alcohol is the same way you can get entrenched in shopping. It starts off slow where you begin to feel better about yourself each time you buy something new and each time you are low; you head out to grab a new outfit or product.

Your love for shopping suddenly turns into a habit that you cannot live without and you are always buying more clothes in online stores, marketplaces and all sorts of places where you can quench your thirst for more wear. One day, you wake up and take a look at your closet which has all kinds of clothes, and you realize what you have become. The realization probably hits you once you discover that you are in debt or the moment you steal cash so that you can shop.

Oniomania is a mental condition which can get treated to allow those suffering from it to get freed from the chains of dependency.


There are some signs you should look out for to avoid falling into the trap of oniomania. Start by looking at whether you buy things that you can afford. If you find yourself purchasing unaffordable items just because you must have them, then you have a problem in your hands. Such a habit will have you in debt in no time. You also need to look at what drives you to make purchases. Are you buying things as a way to feel better about yourself? If you go about making buys so that you can give yourself rewards and to lift your moods each time you get upset, you are making irrational decisions that will affect your finances and mental health negatively.

How do you feel when you cannot buy something that you want? A typical reaction to such a situation would be to get a little upset then move on. However, for a shopaholic, such a case would involve a lot of anger that would carry on for a while. Look at these symptoms and figure out if you are on the road to destruction early on so that you can get back on the right track. There are studies which link oniomania to OCD as the condition is seen to be a compulsive disorder. As such, there are steps you can take to control your urges.


For a shopaholic who has reached the point where they cannot stop themselves from making purchases, it is necessary that they seek professional guidance. Through therapy, they can deal with the underlying issues that lead them to make compulsive buys and find better ways to deal with emotions such as frustration.