addiction street sign

Many misconceptions are going around in the world which is negative towards the treatment of addicts. People tend to view addicts in a bad light, and they seldom use kind words to describe the struggles which they undergo. As such, addicts can feel persecuted, and this can delay their healing processes.

What people tend to forget is that addicts are an integral part of our society and we need them to forge forward towards a productive economy. These are people who were once responsible, caring and productive and it is high time they got treated as such.


  • Addicts need punishment

    Some people look at addicts and think that they deserve what is coming to them. Anyone can develop an addiction, and at most times, the problem stems from unmanaged underlying conditions such as depression. Instead of looking for a way to help people out of their problems, people are quick to jump to the conclusion that addicts are terrible people.

    What people need to understand is that addicts are rarely in control of their impulses and when they engage in reckless behavior, they are desperately trying to get hold of something that can keep them alive, a way to escape the torture within. Hurling hurtful words at them will do little to help them with their struggles. In fact, branding them bad does more to harm their conscience, and this affects how fast they get themselves out of the rut.

    Instead, shower them with love and care as you guide them towards the right path. Remember that they are sick and patients need all the help that they can get to become part of the society again. The next time you come across an addict, be sure to lend a helping hand.

  • Addiction is a decision

    Nobody wakes up one day and decides to get hooked on a drug or a nasty habit such as compulsive gambling. It all happens gradually, and before they know it, they are in trouble. Many factors come into play in addiction, and they range from psychological conditions to one’s upbringing. Anyone could be a victim of addiction, and people who fall into such traps do not choose to do so out of their free will.

  • Addicts use one substance

    Just because one is addicted to a drug like cocaine does not mean that they are not using other elements. Underlying issues will drive such a person to try different things as they look for all sorts of ways to feel good about themselves.

    They will experiment with different things, and before they know it, they are dependent on various drugs and habits that just won’t go away. Once you find somebody hooked to one substance, look closer, and you will see other medicines and activities in tow. People who abuse different elements are more likely to have mental conditions and if you suspect that this might be the case, find a way to get them professional help.

    People also believe that there is a difference between addiction to illegal substances and addiction to prescription drugs. There is none. Both types of addicts undergo the same struggles, and they all need help to break the habit.

Addiction is a big problem in our society, and we need to pool our efforts in a bid to make addicts feel better as they seek treatment. Shaming them and inducing guilt will make them feel like they are not good enough and this is not the case.