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Dependency to betting can happen to anyone at any point in their life, and as such, you should not feel guilty or ashamed of having a dependency. If you can acknowledge that you are having difficulties and are willing to get professional help, all will be well in the end.

Once you go down the path where you are looking to make it big, and you are continuously making irrational bets, you have a big dependency, and you need help. The effects of your dependency will affect those around you as there is nothing else that will matter to you except winning. Some people even lose their jobs in the process; others steal to get money to place wagers while others neglect their family duties.


Some people suffer from impulse betting such that they are unable to fight their betting urges even when they are aware of the consequences of their actions. Such people will gamble, with or without money and they can end up selling their valuables to sustain their habits.

For others, they can gamble and still be in control of their actions, and they get referred to as dependency gamblers.

Once you are in the clear, be sure to surround yourself with positive people and avoid hanging out in tempting environments.

Relationship with other conditions

Most addicts to betting are battling some form of a disorder such as ADHD, depression, substance abuse, bipolar and anxiety. Where you are suffering from any of these conditions, it is essential that you find ways to address them as this will help you fight your betting dependency.


You do not have to engage in betting on a daily basis for you to get classified as an addict. The practice becomes a dependency if it negatively affects your life such that it destroys your relationships and interferes with your productivity. Others also think that betting frequently is not an issue so long as the gambler has enough money to back their wagers. However, other non-financial complications result from gaming, and these include suicide and depression.

There is a myth that those who cannot control their betting tendencies are weak, but this is not true as the dependency can affect anyone. Even strong-willed people can succumb to the pressure of the condition.


You know you have a betting dependency if you are secretive about your betting activities, you gamble without money, you are unable to control yourself, and those around you are raising concerns over your behavior.


The best way to go about nipping this dependency in the bud is to get help for other conditions from which you are suffering. You should also find different ways to deal with your struggles in life, keep in touch with your loved ones and take part in a support group for gamblers.