a sad man

Men tend to feel the need to stay secure and emotionally stable no matter what gets thrown their way. It is this tendency that puts them at a risk of despondency because they bottle up their emotions as they cover up what they are feeling. Even in times of need, they feel the need to remain unmoved for the sake of the people in their lives.

What you do not know is that when you are not well emotionally, the effects of such emotions will gradually trickle down to your family, friends, and work and soon, everything can get out of hand. The best thing to do is to ensure that you feel stable, not toughing it out. If you think that something is amiss and your behavior is out of your control, seek aid.

Male despondency

Do not think of this state as a sign of weakness. Instead, look at it as a mental state that can get treated if you seek aid. There are millions of men around the globe who suffer from it, and it is entirely okay to feel low now and then.

The difference between despondency and the usual setbacks in life is that it affects your work and relationships. Your sleeping and eating trends also get affected, and your moods experience an adverse variation. Soon, you start losing interest in things that made your life worth living and you get lost in a world of your own. Once you start feeling like you are spiraling and things are getting out of hand, do not keep it to yourself.

Many signs come along with despondency and sometimes, people focus on the physical issues such as headaches, and they overlook the underlying problem. The truth is that, once you get treated for depression, the other signs will disappear.

The sad fact is that depressed men have a higher likelihood of committing suicide as compared to women. This statistic is based on men’s tendencies to keep things bottled up. If you cannot trust a loved one with your state, talk to a clinician and get started on the road to recovery.

Getting depressed is normal. What matters is what you do when in such a situation. Get aid and try as much as possible to avoid overwhelming situations.


There are very many ways to tell whether you are depressed. The state gets accompanied by hopelessness, loss of interest in activities, irritability, aggression, reckless behavior, variation in sleeping and eating trends, loss of productivity and constant negative thoughts and emotions. If you feel like committing suicide, it is best to look for an emergency number in your locality and seek aid immediately.

The main signs that come with despondency are physical aches, increase in reckless behavior and a lot of aggression. Be on the lookout for these.

Male despondency vs. female

There are very many differences between female and male depression. For instance, where women tend to blame themselves for their emotions, men will place the blame on someone else. Women also feel sad, anxious, avoid conflicts and feel nervous whereas men get irritable, suspicious, cause conflicts and get restless.

When women are in such situations, they will open up about their emotions and use food and love as treatment while men will bottle up and use reckless behavior to escape their emotions.


There are various things that you can do to feel better. Aside from seeking professional aid, also make a point to build a stronger social network by reaching out to your loved ones, volunteering, attending social events, joining support groups and getting a pet. You should also exercise and eat a healthy diet.